Sensational sun shade solutions for your property

Maximise your outdoor living space and make the most of your  garden, patio or sun terrace by transforming it into an outdoor relaxation, dining or chill out zone using First Impression quality sun shade solutions.

Stay safe and comfortable in the hot sun

First Impression will  provide you with a custom designed and built sun-shade. Perfect sun protection for your residential or commercial property allowing you and your guests or customers to enjoy bright sunny weather safely, for longer and in more comfort.

We design custom sun shade solutions for any type of residence whether it has a garden, patio, roof terrace, pool side, car parking outside dining and outdoor kitchen areas and for any commercial application too.

Solashade™ sun protection

First Impression Solashade™ sun sail systems offer a brilliant shade solution for residential homes, holiday lets and commercial premises alike including restaurants and bar terraces, play areas, schools, public piazzas, community areas, walkways, hotels, pools and marinas. In fact, wherever sun shade is needed First Impression will provide a shade solution for you. We call this ‘kinetic architecture’.




First Impression  Solashade™ sun sails are made using a specially engineered material that allows hot and humid air to rise up through it and away from your sun protected area. This helps improve your comfort level even on the hottest of days.

Our special  Solashade™ sail material filters up to 97 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays allowing you, your family and guests stay outside longer to enjoy the sunny hot weather in Gibraltar area.

This special ‘Commercial 95’ shade sail material was first invented and developed in Australia where they know a thing or two about sunshine living!

This super strong material is ultra resistant to fading and mould that typically damages traditional canvas shades.

Solashade™ sun sails from First Impression are available in NINE different colours for you to best compliment your architecture, garden, patio or lifestyle statement and create a dynamic outdoor shade feature.

All of our Solashades have colour-fast webbing (similar to super strong car seat belt material) for controlling the wonderful shapes we can produce and for very high strengthening so that our sun sails can be tensioned properly. This webbing blends discretely within the overall colour and designs. Our machine stitching thread is also the strongest available to match the sail material.

Kinetic architecture

First Impression Solashade™ custom designed  shade systems  add a dynamic dimension to your property we call this – kinetic architecture


All of our sail shades are made in a purpose designed factory by British experts.

To fix the high quality sails we make and to maximise the tension needed, we only use the highest quality marine grade stainless steel fixings or long lasting strength and durability.: 




Our posts are usually fabricated from quality grade galvanised steel and then coated with custom colour highly resistant paint. For special projects and high architecture we can also provide posts and rigging in stainless steel, wood, titanium or other materials.

How do I buy a shade sail?

Its really easy to buy a shade sail from First Impression for your property.  Simply let us do all the hard work for you and we will provide you with an fabulous custom designed and expertly made, installed and maintained high quality sun shade for your property.

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Shading your property with a Solashade™ system

Gibraltar based property solutions company First Impression Property provides top ten tips for home and holiday let owners and commercial businesses looking to provide Solashade™ Shade Sail sun protection and a dynamic style to their garden, terrace, patio, pool and outdoor living areas in Gibraltar and Spain.

Our custom designed and built Solashade™ sun systems (also known as Sun Sails and Sail Shades) are a brilliant and cost effective choice to dynamically enhance your outdoor sun lounge or chill-out zone whilst providing comfort in stifling hot conditions with superb protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

First Impression custom Solashades make the most of your outdoor living in Gibraltar and Spain using the skills, knowledge and materials invented and developed in Australia – a nation that knows a thing or two about sunshine living.

First Impression Solashade™ sun shade systems are perfectly suitable for both residential and commercial sun shading applications.

Top 10 First Impression Solashade™ benefits

  1. First Impression Solashade™ sun sails are made from very special ‘Commercial 95’  High Density Poly Ethylene material  (HDPE) material specifically invented and developed in Australia – where they know a thing or two about outdoor living!. This special material filters up to 97 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays allowing you, your family and guests stay outside longer  to enjoy the hot sunny weather
  2. The technologically advanced warp and weave of our Solashade™ sail material allows stifling hot air to rise up through the material making your shade area more comfortable
  3. When installed near to the outside of your property your Solashade™ will help keep property interior cooler lowering cooling costs
  4. Solashade™ systems help prevent painful sunburn
  5. As temporary structures, Solashade™ systems normally do not need planning permission to save you time and money
  6. Our Solashade™ systems are  easily installed and removed, washed and stored away for the winter. (We can do this for you if you wish?)
  7. The stylish and dynamic minimalism of our Solashade™  design adds a cool and sophisticated architectural feature to your property
  8. Our Solashade™ are available to you now in NINE COLOURS enabling a multitude combination of dynamic shapes and designs to amplify the character of your outdoor chill-out zone
  9. Solashade™ sails are manufactured by British experts in a purpose factory in Spain. They are only fashioned with the highest quality stitching, thread and  colour-matched webbing. We only use the highest quality marine grade stainless steel fixings when, all together, creates an incredibly durable shade solution that will not mildew or rot
  10. First Impression Solashade™  ‘Commercial 95’ sail material has a 10 year limited warranty for your peace of mind

First Impression provide a custom design and installation service to create cool, stylish and practical shade for your property in Gibraltar and Spain.

Price Guide. How much will a Solashade™ sun shade sail cost?

We will need to survey your project and evaluate the design before providing you with an estimate. This will depend on the number of fixings and posts, the post materials, the size and number of sails needed and the situation. For an example a simple car port shade could be a few hundred €’s or £’s while a major commercial seating area could be several thousands.

First Impression Solashade™ – sun protection solutions

 Contact us now and we will arrange to visit your property and design the best Solashade™ sun protection system for you and your property. 

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First Impression Custom designed Pergolas and Gazebos –




First Impression  designs a custom pergolas or gazebos to enhance your outdoor space and protect you from the sun’s harmful rays where needed.

We will design the optimum garden and terrace shade for your residence, holiday home or commercial property. We can design and construct your outdoor garden, terrace or patio shade from timber, stainless steel, aluminium or, as a favourite in the Mediterranean,  galvanised and custom painted steel.


We will design the perfect practical sun protection ‘toldo’ for your property in any suitable style to compliment your property. This could be be post modern, contemporary, tradition, medieval or even in Moorish in style.

First Impression fabricated sun shade systems are crafted off site in a blacksmith’s workshop by our professional and highly skilled metal fabricators then transported and erected on site.

Our customers love their First Impression sun shades –


Most of our sun shade solutions sales come from personal recommendation or referral from our delighted customers. We built a custom designed Medieval style pergola shade for holiday home owner  Mr Graham Leeke.

When Mr Leeke arrived at his holiday property this is the message he sent us, ”My immediate impression – sun awning is very handsome, willow cane shade material is very stable even in the gusty levante winds. Well done!”  

First Impression Sun Awnings, Parasols and Blinds

We also can source and supply the most perfect persiana awning, ‘toldo’ parasol or window blinds and white wooden window shutters to suit your needs.


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