Sell or rent your property faster and for more money

Sell or Rent your property or let your Holiday Home more successfully and for more money *, using First impression Property Presentation Solutions.

Our Property Presentation services  benefit home sellers, landlords, property managers, estate agents and holiday home owners alike.

Create an irresistible First Impression for your property

Arrange a visit with one of our Property Presentation consultants to provide you with expert advice on the Home Staging, show-homing and de-cluttering needed to maximise the interior features and exterior appeal of your property.

Creating a warmly welcoming First Impression will make your property much more  sale-able or rent-able to a wider market.

Arrange for one of our Property Presentation Consultants to visit your property now

We will provide with all you need to better present your property for sale and rent including maximising space and layout to maximise interior design and saleable features of your property. This can include de-cluttering, presentation photography or video, interior

To arrange an appointment for one of  our consultants to advise you on the  Property Presentation or Home Staging you need to employ to make the most of your property please contact us.

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Property Improvements to sell or rent your property

Should your property require any important or minor repairs and tidy up (such as painting, cleaning, electrical, plumbing etc.)  then we can make this very easy for you too. Our work includes any interior design,  décor  make-over and de-cluttering needed.

Simply let us do all the hard work for you!

We can provide you with a FREE estimate for any Property Improvements needed to maximise the sale or rental of your property in Gibraltar.

To save you cost, time and hassle, (subject to you being entirely happy with our estimate), we will then do all the actual work required to maximise the features and potential of your property to attract  more customers and significantly increase your chances of a quicker and more profitable sale or rental.

Our work includes any interior design,  décor  make-over and de-cluttering needed.

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Uniquely to First Impression, we also provide any Handy Man repairs or Home Improvement needed too. This saves you time, money and hassle to bring your property to its optimum standard  to attract more customers and significantly increase your chances of a quicker and more profitable sale or rental.

First Impression Property Marketing Solutions:

To really make the most of the property your are selling or letting, we can also provide you (or your estate agent or management company) with high quality, professional room sets and Property Presentation Photography and Video, Sales Copy-writing and Web Based Marketing to include Social Media.

First Impression Property Presentation Photography, Videos and Marketing solutions will  make your property stand-out above the crowd:


How much does Property Presentation cost?

Contact us now for an appointment with one of our consultants and we will visit and provide you with an estimate of the costs needed to maximise the potential of your property.

Our initial, one-to-one Property Presentation consultation is only £75.  And, if you require a written report to go with this then the charge will be £100.


FREE Property Presentation consultation worth £75

We will provide our  Property Presentation consultation FREE of charge when you employ any of our other Property Presentation solutions above.  So,  if you use our services to stage or make good your property, the consultation worth £75 will be free.

How to get more lettings for your holiday property? 

Using our Property Presentation and Home Staging services we can maximise the rental income potential of your holiday let. We will advise you on the optimum layouts, facilities and equipment needed, any safety issues and, very importantly, how to target the right niche of customer to improve sales with the best advertising to use and the appropriate social media campaign and booking agency strategy you need to employ to make your property stand out from the crowd.

Contact us  now to find out how you can successfully market your property for sale, rent or holiday let.

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* Scoure: HSA Home Staging Association