Caring for your property in Gibraltar

A lot of  Gibraltar property damage could be avoided simply by providing  some adequate care and maintenance.

We undertake lots of repair work following floods from leaking appliances, broken water heaters, poorly fitted sat water connections, leaking roofs and windows all which can cause massive damage to property and contents and result in damp, hazardous  mould damp and rot. It always surprises us how often such damage may have been avoided by employing a simple home care plan.

Maintaining your Gibraltar property

At First Impression, we can prepare a purpose designed maintenance plan that is just right for you and your property.

To discuss the maintenance and care of your property please telephone us now +350 54036501/2 or fill out the contact form.

Maintaining your Gibraltar property using a First Impression property care plan can help save money on any excess insurance payments and occupiers from personal upheaval and distress.

First Impression offers bespoke Property Maintenance Solutions  for private and commercial property owners and managers, landlords, estate agents and holiday companies and individual holiday lets.


The Island., Gibraltar

Property Maintenance Solutions in Gibraltar 

Our package of maintenance services may include any or all of the following:

Winter and summer property preparation, regulated appliance servicing, warranty work, repairs, painting, cleaning and more.

We can also help with tenancy change overs  and house clearances, home staging or Property Presentation.

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Making the most of your property in Gibraltar